Computer Aided Design / Manufacturing

CAD refers to a computer software that is used to both design and manufacture products such as Jewelry. This software is used by architects, engineers, artists, and others to create precision drawings and technical drafts of products. This software can then be used to create 2-D drawings or 3-D models. In order to generate the actual model, CAD works alongside CAM and uses numerical coding to run the machine that then creates the product. We can now make a digital breakdown of your new custom designed piece of jewelry and present it to you digitally in every angle before its even finished!

CAD – a computer-aided design
CAM – computer-aided manufacturing

We work with you to customize every detail of your special customized jewelry piece. The typical CAD process includes –

  • Sitting with you to design and determine your overall idea and type of item
  • Choosing of materiel; Silver, 14kt, 18kt, Platinum
  • Sketching the item, this ensures that we have the right idea of what you want
  • Present idea to CAD artist to begin 3-D rendering

Production Break Down:

  • Uses software to create precision drawing and technical draft of product
  • Then uses numerical coding to run the machine that then creates the finished product
  • Cleaned, polished, and insertion of stones
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